Friday, February 11, 2011

First Snow Fall Quilt

Friday, February 11, 2011
This is my Round 2 project for American Crafters. The theme this time was "Let it snow". I had a couple ideas on what I could do- but none of them were really my very own creation- more like spin-offs of other things. Then I thought about my chenille heart pillow, and how I could make little snowballs- and I thought about doing it on a pillow, but I've done pillows TO DEATH!! {not that I'm not going to make more pillows- cuz I totally am} But I wanted to push the envelope just a little bit with this contest. So a quilt was born.
This is a close up of the snowballs. I used 6 layers of fabric cut in three different size circles, but I only cut through 5 layers to do the fake chenille- that way the background fabric wouldn't show through the rows of chenille.
For the back I used this super soft, super warm fuzzy fabric. I didn't need to use batting because the backing was so thick. I used my walking foot to quilt the blanket and just did random rows for the ground and wavy rows for the sky.

I am loving this blanket a ton- and my family is too. My 4-year-old has dibs on it, but I don't know of I'm going to let him have it. It just might have to be mine for a while. :)
If you'd like to vote- head on over to Naptime Crafters and vote for your favorite projects. I'm going to go snuggle up in my blanket and watch T.V. :P

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Samantha said...

So so cute, Amy!!! I love the "chenille" snowballs! Off to vote :-)

Karen said...

I LOVE it. you need to make me one!

Leanne said...

That is beautiful and so original. I love the colors too. I'm off to vote. You're awesome!

Meredith said...

so cool. love the colors and the different pattern, fun fun:)

Jenniffier said...

Great modern look! Very fun!

~Rosanne said...

This quilt is adorable! I am not a lover of snow because it is cold but I am a lover of quilts and this one is one I could see in my house.
Thanks for sharing

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